So I have a outdoor light that's attached to the side of the house on the garage controlled by a switch near the garage door. The switch is a simple on/off switch

I was thinking about installing an LED Motion detection flood light. But I want to leave the wiring the same. Keep the motion detection lighting to be controlled by the switch, but just always be flipped to the on position to avoid having to do any electrical work and also I want the option of going back to original setup if the new install doesn't work out.

Would this work out just fine? Would I be running into any problems?

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    Not only fine, but the instructions for almost any motion flood light will included “override” instructions. That is, to keep the light on all the time, flip the switch off and immediately back on, the motion sensor is then overridden and stays on. To return to motion mode, turn the switch off 30 seconds, flip back on. I can’t say that every motion for lights on the market will have the feature but it’s really a fairly standard feature. – Tyson Oct 30 '18 at 10:08
  • @tyson I figured most outdoor fixtures where just powered, They were not on a switch. – Sickest Oct 30 '18 at 17:18

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