We recently moved into a home we had built (not custom built) and I hadn't noticed this when we did our walk thru (otherwise I would have brought it to the builder's attention), but there's a large gap between the brick facade and the cement slab.

Is this something that should be back filled?

If so, what is the best material to use (since the gap looks too wide for mortar)? Picture of gap

I did see this question, which seems most closely related to what I'm asking here, but it doesn't have an answer (aside from the suggestion of a previous question/answer to use backer rod, which might apply here as well?)

  • Hello, and welcome to Stack Exchange. What's supporting the weight of the brick? – Daniel Griscom Oct 20 at 1:11
  • Thanks. As far as I can tell, the brick just continues into the ground. Not sure if there's a footer or anything. I tried to peel back the sod a bit and kind of poke around, but without digging it out, I don't know for sure. – Gregg L Oct 21 at 19:44

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