I have a closet which is big , with window and in the master bedroom. So I want to set up as baby room. There are two ceiling lights only. There is no power outlet.

If I want to set up a wifi camera, I need to get the power from the ceiling lights. The light bulbs are mounted horizontal so I cannot buy a light bulb wifi cam.

Any suggestion?

  • Your question is a little too broad. You may be able to drop an outlet from a light switch or outlet on the opposing side of the bedroom wall, but we really can't help with so little information. – isherwood Oct 9 '18 at 20:49

For a cheap and dirty solution, you can get a light bulb socket that contains a power outlet, e.g., here. If the camera uses a USB for power, you could try this DIY solution.

If you want it neat and tidy, then put in a new power outlet on the wall, either routing the power cable through the wall (requires identifying a suitable place from which to pull the cable: may be relatively easy if you have a basement or attic from which you can access the closet walls above/below), or over the wall in a conduit.

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