My plumber did this and I'm finding it hard to search about, asking for my next project.

Here's an example: the 1/2" side of this fitting is 1/2" male NPT, but you can also sweat a 1/2" copper pipe to the inside.

I've seen other references to this practice but I'm just wanting to know if it's taught in trade schools? Or is it regarded as a hack?

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    It is literally listed for that purpose. Using a product according to its labeling and instructions may be a hack, but it's not an illegal one. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Oct 9 '18 at 19:55

I would not call it a hack it is more expensive and due to the metal thickness takes a bit longer to sweat but works fine. Possibly a little better as the brass will hold up better than a copper male fitting.

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Inexpensive 1/2" multi-turn valves with "washer" type seals with 1/2" MIP threads can be and often are sweated directly to 1/2" copper tubing. So the makers of these parts have long realized that this option could be made available if the inside was made the correct size for copper tubing.

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