I have recently painted using Hammerite metal paint. When I tried to clean the brush afterwards using White Spirit, I noticed it didn't work. Hammerite sells a specialized cleaning product, but I'd like to use a product that is useful in other situations too. Is there anyone who knows what kind of cleaning product might help?

  • Clean brushes with olive oil,works a treat. – Phil C May 10 at 22:42

The consensus of opinion on the Ultimate Handyman forum seems to be to use an old brush and throw it away after use.

A couple of alternatives are suggested:

Ordianry cellulose thinners will also work.

So presumably the Hammerite product is cellulose thinners based.


I wrap mine very tightly in plastic and stick them in my brushmate, as long as i use them every couple of months they stay reasonably soft, even if they go a little stiff a drop of hammerite thiners brings them back to life.

Which is something I do overnight (or a couple of days at most) when using gloss paint. It does keep the bristles soft for a while so saves on white spirit and having to find a clean brush for the next coat.

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  • Yep, cellulose thinner did the job. Thanks for the response! – Dimitri C. Nov 2 '10 at 12:30

Its not cellulose, you need to use acetone, or MEK [evo stik cleaner or methyl ethyl ketone] might also work.

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