Say I have a bunch of screws. Say they are all flat (countersunk) head, phillips drive. They can be different shank/root diameter, with or without a smooth shank, different thread coarseness, color, etc.

They all have a pointy end, about the same angle of point with maybe a small difference in how far from the point the threading ends. They are all magnetic.

Exhibit A: enter image description here

I know screw #1 is a decking screw and I know that screw #7 is drywall, because that's what the packages said. #6 is brass-color and #8 is gray (and rust), the others being the color they look to be.

Wood screws will generally have a smooth shank at the top, being wood screws, but some (like #9 I think) don't. And a lot of drywall screws are black.

I have a lot of loose screws. How can I determine the types of screws?


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Drywall screws have a “bugle head”.

Flat head wood screws have a “tapered head”.

This may help: https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/type-chart.aspx


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