I have a Samsung dishwasher (Model: DW80F800UWS/AC). The part holding the gasket in place in the tub is broken and sticking out. Since it was pretty sharp, I pulled it all out.

Turns out that the part is no longer made. Any suggestions on what I can use to fix this?

For reference, the steel inverted 'U' shaped rods that hold the rubber gasket in place. Part number 7 as per this diagram: https://www.appliancepartspros.com/tub-parts-for-samsung-dw80j3020us-aa.html

Edit: Adding the missing part The part that holds the gasket

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    Perhaps post a photo of the broken part. Another option could be to repair it, rather than replace – mdewit Sep 26 '18 at 8:29
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    Part #7 appears to be the gasket itself when I look, so a picture of the actual broken part would be most helpful. Basically, you either make one yourself, find a used one that's not broken, or capitulate to the planned obsolescence and buy a new dishwasher. An "inverted U shaped rod" sounds fairly reasonable to make your own, and I'd suggest following that path. – Ecnerwal Sep 26 '18 at 20:32

Use an underwater epoxy putty

  1. If your break is along the straight fitting, find a dowel that fits snugly into the part of the channel to use a a backing to mold the putty around. Note: If the break is on the curved part, its going to be a tough fix and you should consider just getting a new washer or calling someone someone with a pottery background over to help you.

  2. Allow the putty do dry, sand, then add a few coats of a high quality out-door rated painting enamel.

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