I'm replacing the galvanized incoming cold line with PEX. The incoming line runs into the exterior wall of the home about a foot from the ground, then goes down the wall, through the sill plate into the slab. We discovered a leak in part of it under the slab in the adjacent bathroom; that's what's leading to this replacement.

Where the cold line comes in is in a lower cabinet unit next to the kitchen sink cabinet. I have a hole in the plaster, exposing the incoming galvanized. I'd like to do a transition to PEX, and then run it on the back wall inside the cabinets over to the kitchen sink, about 2 1/2 feet. Obviously, I'd rather do this than either run plumbing outside the hous, or tear open the entire wall under these kitchen cabinets. It is totally dark under there, so I don't think UV exposure is an issue.

To keep anyone from damaging it, I was thinking of covering it with a metal hat channel like this one: 7/8" metal hat channel

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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