I installed a 14-50 outlet in my garage with NM-B 6/3 cable and now I'm ready to patch up the holes in the drywall and I was wondering if I should fasten the cable to the studs. I looked at NEC 300.19 and table 300.19(A). The cable goes from the breaker panel (2nd story) to the garage (1st floor) like this: 6 ft from the breaker panel to the floor, 1 foot between the floor joist to the top plate garage wall, then 8 ft (thru a fire block) to the outlet below. If I read the NEC right, I only need one staple below the top plate and another between the breaker panel and the floor. Am'I right?


  • Pictures would be helpful. If the holes in the wall are small enough, you'd probably get away with no staples. In the attic though you'd need to. – Kris Sep 19 '18 at 10:35

You'll need to staple it down every 4.5', and within 12" of the boxes

This support requirement comes from NEC 334.30:

334.30 Securing and Supporting. Nonmetallic-sheathed cable shall be supported and secured by staples; cable ties listed and identified for securement and support; or straps, hangers, or similar fittings designed and installed so as not to damage the cable, at intervals not exceeding 1.4 m (4½ ft) and within 300 mm (12 in.) of every cable entry into enclosures such as outlet boxes, junction boxes, cabinets, or fittings. Flat cables shall not be stapled on edge.

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