I've recently had to remove existing drywall and insulation in my condo in Ontario. Notwithstanding the place being built 86, what was put in place was creative at best. Removing the wall revealed compressed fiberglass screwed to the wall, held in place with a piece of U-track and finally squeezed into place with foil backed drywall ( No vapor barrier in place.)

I asked myself 2 questions

1) Was this to code.. ever.. ? 2) Is there a better way ?!?!

I was thinking of:

a) Gluing 2-inch Durafoam to the concrete. b) Putting in the proper framing. c) Adding 3.5-inch fiberglass batt. d) Adding a vapor barrier. f) Drywalling on top of all this.

Am I out to lunch? Feel free to make fun of me if I am. Is my method off base? I've been reading stuff about double vapor barriers being bad because there is a cement wall etc.

Exterior facing wall


I would glue durafoam to the concrete first like you said.Then like you said put up a wall using 2x4s for the 3 1/2" insulation. Then use unfaced insulation,then a vapor barrier then the sheetrock. If you want to use paperbacked insulation then do not use a vapor barrier afterwards before putting up the sheetrock. If you put up two vapor barriers there will be a strong possability of trapping moisture between the vapor barriers. And moisture means mold.

  • Are you sure you want the vapor barrier on the inside side of the wall assembly? That is a surefire recipe for condensation inside the wall as soon as you flip the air conditioner on... – ThreePhaseEel Sep 22 '18 at 5:19

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