Im thinking of implementing simple lift system to carry goods as well as a single person into the attic. 250Kg capacity electric hoist is good enough for this pupose but im concerned about safely aspect of this proposal.

Many youtube videos are showing this but none of them using it to transport a person.

Why not?

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    Probably the safety requirements they can get very complex. Both electrical and mechanical safety requirements, I have installed stair climbers and the inspectors really try to find something wrong. I am sure carting a person up and down would be worse. At the last mill I worked at we did have a "lift belt" it had platforms you stepped into and lifted you up, there was a safety cage around it as you went up so you couldn't fall off, it was installed in the late 40's but sure made life easier going to the 3rd level about 60' climb. It had been grandfathered but even it had safety. – Ed Beal Sep 17 '18 at 23:08
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    Have you read the ASME A17.1 elevator codes lately? Because your AHJ is going to read any manlift system as falling under that piece of Code...and it's a big 'un! – ThreePhaseEel Sep 17 '18 at 23:19
  • @EdBeal im living in south east asia. Im sure there will be some regulation in my country to govern this under machinery act. But since im doing in for personal use in my private home, i wont be having issues with authority and law. – soosai steven Sep 17 '18 at 23:43
  • @ThreePhaseEel not sure about this codes. Its of usa? – soosai steven Sep 17 '18 at 23:46
  • @soosaisteven -- ah, sorry for assuming your location -- ASME A17.1 is what governs elevator installs in North America, but your local jurisdiction should have adopted a substantially equivalent-in-function document. (If they haven't, it's still wise to follow a good Code on this front because there's an awful lot of wisdom packed into them.) – ThreePhaseEel Sep 17 '18 at 23:58

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