Pvc hot water vent turns snow to ice killing these lovely plants  (and one ugly weed)

I have a power vented hot water tank just on the other side of the wall (and in the basement) from the exterior pipe you see in the picture. The problem is that the steam vents onto my wife's flower garden. In the winter, it melts the snow turning it into a block of ice, which impacts the soil and kills any perennials she plants there.

I'd like to extend the pipe horizontally parallel to the house and around past the garden. I would cut off the 90 degree elbow and instead turn it the other way and add about 4 feet. My question is: would this be against any code or cause any other issues? Would it be likely to freeze up and clog?


I do not know of any code that would be breaking. Check with the installation instructions for the water heater to make sure that you do not exceed the maximum length for the discharge piping.

  • Yup already checked, no problem there. – Justin Beattie Sep 17 '18 at 4:06

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