I am finally about to repaint my 20 year old deck with Restore. This project has gone on for far too many days already and I think it would have been easier (and cheaper if you count my time) to simply replace with all new deck boards.

Anyway, I have followed their preparation instructions (sanding, stripping, brushing, power washing) but I am still not confident that all areas pass their "splash test" requirement (water quickly absorbs rather than puddles). At one point I goofed and used Varsol on a small area to remove one of the industrial gel strippers I used.

Will the varsol simply evaporate with more time, or do I need to strip again?

At this point I'm almost ready to just roll the dice with what I've got, even if it means a less-then-ideal paint adhesion. My weather window is closing fast.

Any tips or advice is appreciated.


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    Is "Varsol" simply an alias for mineral spirits? If not, maybe link to the actual product. – isherwood Sep 13 '18 at 13:30

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