I've got a really old Montgomery Ward A/C unit, model: VWE-5156A that seems to have it's internal drain clogged up. It works really well, (we were all shocked when it kicked on and worked like a champ), and it used to leak out the front of it. We tilted it back and now it doesn't leak, but when the fan kicks on, water is sucked into the intake and blown out the front. There's a hole in the back on the bottom, and my cousin drilled another one, (on the bottom away from the coils) to see if that would help, but those are both bone dry.

It's in the wall right now, and it was smaller than the one it replaced, so there's a lot of a foam insulation that is around and it might be rotten due to the sun/weather. So my question is this: Is there a way to clean out the drain pipe(s) to the back of the unit without taking it out of the wall or moving it?

I've opened it up and tried to poke a wire on the left hand side and it seems solid. So is it safe to assume the drain is on the right and that the drain water crosses the unit to the other side for the overflow?


Unit with front removed.

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