I have a very old house and I am renovating my basement and i recently bought a new 140k BTU boiler for heating. I have a separate boiler for hot water. Both boilers are being vented through a Chimney running all the way up through the roof. Do i need any additional vent in Boiler room if I am already venting through chimney?

  • What type of venting/exhaust system does your boiler use? (atmospheric draft, induced draft, direct vent, or power vent?) – ThreePhaseEel Sep 4 '18 at 23:10
  • Sorry, I didn't see the comment questions earlier. I have a brick chimney which is venting directly through the roof. There is no fan or anything pushing the gas through the chimney. I actually read a lot on subject matter and a lot of people suggests to have a fresh air vert installed in basement. This is to maintain fresh air and pressure inside of the home to prevent the backdraft. – user3169966 Sep 21 '18 at 18:11

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