I'm just upgrading my old dumb bathroom with the new faucets. The biggest change during remodeling is the bathtub.

The builder put in a smallish tub, and I’m now going with a luxurious soaking tub that I have recently bought from BathSelect, BTW they have a nice collection of bathroom faucets.

My house is on a slab. Are the tub drain holes, the one at the bottom and the one higher up, the same size on tubs? How can I be sure the new tub will line up with the old one?

What is the size of the tub drain pipe, or is that not an issue? What else do I need to know about to ensure the new tub is installed correctly?

Every answer is a great help, waiting for some great tips!

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    First is the current tub a "built-in" tub, or stand-alone? If you could take a pic of the current tub, and upload to Dropbox, then you can paste the link to the pic here. Also are both tubs the same width/length, just deeper? – ZacWolf Aug 30 '18 at 13:09
  • There is not enough info to answer this question. A layout and or photos would be helpful, with a total remodel or different type of tub sometimes cutting the slab and rerouting the drain is required a bit tougher but still possible as a diy project. – Ed Beal Aug 31 '18 at 1:56

The tub "holes" (assuming hole for waste drain and hole for the overflow assembly) are not the same size as each other, but I have a feeling that you are asking whether or not they are located in the same relative position between old tub and new.

The answer is always NO unless both tubs are the same make and model, which you have indicated is not the case. You will need to replace with a new waste and overflow assembly; lucky for you that modern W&O assemblies are very adjustable and work with most any common tub. If any of this is confusing to you, you should maybe bite the bullet and hire it done.

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