My house was made in 1965. Water is somewhat hard. Sometimes a faucet fixture leaks. When I take it apart the solution is often to replace a washer secured with a #8 pan head screw. Sometimes the screw is seized and the head strips. Its cheaper and easier to replace the screw than the whole part, especially for older fixtures. My instinct is that using anti-seize and/or a different screw head would mean in a decade or two when I replace the washers again I will have an easier time. So my questions:

  • Is regular anti-seize ok for drinking water? Do I need to get the food safe kind? Will it actually last?
  • When constantly exposed to hard municipal water, can I use stainless steel or silicon bronze screws in the brass or wil lgalvinic corrosion be a problem? My assumption is that its harder to strip a harder fastener.
  • will socket cap or hex screws fit in these fixtures or is my only choice torx/hex/robertson pan head screws if I want a fastner less prone to stripping?

Stainless will be stronger than brass , so less likely to strip. Assuming a brass stem , galvanic corrosion should not be a problem. The stainless is unlikely to gall with the brass shaft. A wrap of teflon tape/dope will help prevent sticking. I have found plain screw driver slot or Philips to be good enough but a stronger head is good if you can find it.

  • tape in a small #8 screw is going to be hard, but dope is a good idea. – Justin Dearing Aug 22 '18 at 17:18

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