I have a **** tonne of wires behind my monitor. As my room is too damn small, I am using chest of drawers as a table for my desktop PC. The "table" has no holes at the back to feed any cables through, nor can I thread them around because it's back is glued to the wall. Obviously I can't leave them lying on the floor because that's an instant trip hazard.

How can I tidy these cables up? Any tips and tricks?

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Cable Spiral Wrap

Try something like this Spiral Wrap. Not a perfect solution, but if you have a few cables that are essentially together - e.g., video + power + audio + USB webcam - then you can wrap them all together so that they are still accessible but will be less of a mess.


You might try Velcro or hook & loop straps which you can either buy as a roll or find stamped into individual straps.

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