In the staircase at my home an electrician installed a LED strip in the handle. I can dim the lights to desired intensity using a springloaded switch and a timer turns on the light in the morning and off at night.

The problem is that every time the light is turned on it's on full blast which is really annoying in the morning.

Can I solve this using the hardware I have without having to call in an electrician?

Driver: LED dimtrafo MDR 12V specs

Timer: Theben TR610 top2 specs

Photo of timer, driver and switch overview

enter image description here

Closeup photo of driver

enter image description here

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The controller needs to be continuously powered in order to remember the dimmer setting. Unfortunately, the electrician wired the timer so that it interrupts power to the controller.

One way to fix this would be to purchase a relay that has a 230V coil and contacts rated to handle the DC current at the output of the controller.

Wire the controller's AC input directly to the mains.

Wire the output of the timer to the relay coil.

Wire the relay contacts in series with the output of the controller (i.e., between the controller and the LED strip).

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