There is a good picture of what my panel will look like at https://www.ecmweb.com/qampa/stumped-code-2

I don't want to copy their picture over here so I'll describe the situation: I'm adding electric service to my pole barn. The inspector has said that since I have unfinished walls I should sleeve cables below 8' for protection. The electric code allows for this but one of the rules is that the sleeve for the panel is to be sealed. I don't see any specific products for sealing conduit with NM cables in it so I wonder if I'm supposed to run all cables and then squirt a bunch of expanding foam into the top of the pipe? That seems messy so I assume that there is something better.

Is there a proper way to seal this protective sleeve with the NM in it?

Thank you.


You're looking for "duct seal" in the electrical section

The correct product for sealing the ends of conduits is something that's called "duct seal" of all things -- it's a soft putty that can be molded around the cables and stuffed into the conduit. It's available just about anywhere electrical supplies are sold.

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