I've got these problems in an apartment that has been rented out.

No tile trim was ever used and it shows!

chipped external corner tiles

chipped external corner tiles

What's the best way of repairing this short of replacing all the tiles? Can I put some metal trim on this to hide the damage and prevent further damage?

I'm guessing that they bevelled the edges in order to meet flush like that.

PS: just bought this aluminium trim and will try it. Just stick with silicone and tape it down until it's cured

enter image description here

Edit: Result looking good. Tape is just temporary!

trim in place

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Yeah metal trim is probably the best way. if you're cheap there's aluminium angle that can be glued on using bathroom silicone caulk.

For a slightly better look get a strip of stainless-steel bent 95 degrees along the length (so the angle is 85 degrees). and glue that on in the same way.

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