I have a Mira Element LST thermostatic shower in my bathroom. It worked well for a few years then developed a steady drip from the shower head. We had a plumber replace the cartridge (expensive) the first time, but the leak resurfaced after about 4 months. The plumber has since dropped off the face of the earth and I'm reluctant to spend so much again on a new cartridge if it might not be the root cause.

The leak is a steady drip (~1 drip/s) from the head, which stops only when I completely switch off the hot feed. I've stripped the unit and replaced the inlet seals with fresh silicone, but that didn't even slow it down. There are no obvious signs of wear or damage that I can see, but I can't get in to the cartridge itself. Cold and hot are both fed through mains pressure, the latter through a combi boiler. Pressure is high, but restricting the inlet flow makes no difference.

Does anyone know:

  • Whether these types of cartridge are user-serviceable at all? (and, if they are, how to get in to this particular model?)
  • Any tricks for improving the seal?


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