I'm wanting to install a wood-burning fire-pit in the backyard, and the style these days seems to be a relatively flat bowl-style pit (kind of like a big, thick wok). Does anyone have any experience with how these compare to more 'traditional' pits, either in-ground with rocks, or tall-metal-tub-with-holes? My main concern with the bowl-style fire is that it doesn't look like it will hold much heat in, so will be harder to get the fire started properly, and harder to maintain the fire.

  • The flat bowl shape provides a trade-off. It doesn't hold much heat in and is harder to start (if it's windy and/or with poor preparation or less experience) but provides much more light and radiant heat to folks relaxing around the fire area. You don't have to have a bunch of people hunched over a pit to feel the heat. More air (O2) gets to the fire and it will burn nicely, but consumes fuel fast. – Jimmy Fix-it Aug 1 '18 at 2:09

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