We are planning to make very long shelves from high quality Plywood and I'm trying to understand support distances / sag.

The shelves will be 2400mm x 261mm. The Plywood is 30mm thick premium Birch.

I've tried the sagulator but the only Plywood material option is fir and I'm unsure if this is a suitable comparison.

Are there any particular considerations for such long shelves and is the sagulator fir Plywood a suitable approximation? Also, is the "shelf span" value the target distance between supports - or the full length of the shelf?

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    The span can only mean the distance between supports. Depending on what weight you want to put on the shelves I would have supports on each end and two in the middle--so supports 800 mm apart or if only light objects were to be on the shelves only one support in the middle so 1200 mm between supports. – Jim Stewart Aug 1 '18 at 0:52

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