Our townhouse has a sewage ejector pump in the basement since the main sewer drain line is above the basement plumbing fixtures (bathroom & washing machine).

Someone (prior to us) did some remodeling and somehow ended up with two of the three UPSTAIRS bathrooms draining all the way down into the sewage pump instead of a gravity feed to the main drain line.

Question: is it worth trying to re-plumb the drain line situation - I think I may have the access from the utility room without needing to open any walls or ceilings - or should I just live with the extra load (no pun intended) on the sewage ejector, not being able to use those bathrooms in a power outage, etc?

I'm guessing this is beyond my ability and needs a plumber who knows what he's doing. I assume I'd need a drain line run for about 13' across the top of the utility room to meet the main drain out.

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