I recently moved into the attic and converted it into my bedroom. There was insulation on the floor but none on the walls which made it uncomfortable to live in considering its the summer. I got a 8000 BTU portable AC and it does a good enough job but I when the weather is 90+ it doesn't do that good of a job. would getting insulation on the walls of the attic make a difference or am I better off looking at alternatives? Thanks.

PS. I live in Pennsylvania


Yes, attic insulation will definitely help you. it has to work to reduce the transfer of heat from the roof into the attic spaces and down into the home. Proper attic insulation can reduce this heat transfer by up to 25% or more. attic insulation with an R-factor of at least 19 will help keep the hot attic air from heating your living space. Good luck :)

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    Where do you get the figure of 25% from? That's hardly worth bothering with. A few years ago, I insulated our bathroom, and changed the U value from 2 to about 0.3 - that's about 85%. It all depends on the current construction, and how much insulation you put in. – Martin Bonner supports Monica Jul 16 '18 at 9:03

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