I will be adding a 220v baseboard heat as a supplement to an addition. The addition also has a smaller AC compressor with 20amp 240v, the same spec as the heater.

I wonder if I should share this circuit between the compressor and the heating element considering they will never be run at the same time. ...how do I find out if code requires a dedicated circuit to the compressor?

I do have room in my panel, it would just be very hard to add another "home run" for the new baseboard heating element.



The NEC allows one or the other to be used for calculated values, I have installed both on the same circuit but with larger electric heat there may be 2/ 3 circuits required. With both being smaller choose the larger for the over current protection and you should be fine depending on your county and state local requirements.

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  • Thanks Ed I had a local contractor confirm this as well. The only concern was that the AC and heat may compete, but they are different zones, so there's no way this could happen. – tsimons78 Jul 16 '18 at 11:01

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