I have a PureBlue H20 Reverse osmosis water filter system and want to add a water valve for it. Not sure which type of valve and size I should get and whether to put the valve on the main valve itself or on the plastic connections.

I would like some recommendations on the best and cheap option.

water valve connections


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Looks like that water line to the filter is 1/4 tubing. Go to local big box hardware store. int he plumbing section there will be a selection on little bags containing either brass or plastic parts, valves, compression fittings etc.

Find either a compression fittingGood) or a push-in valve(Better) for the tubing size. Either way make sure cuts to tubing a clean and square, no angles use a knife and piece of scrap wood to cut...not a pair of scissors.

Which ever you chose follow instructions to install correctly!

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