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In my back garden, I have a small cement pad. It used to have a shed on it, but the previous owner took it with them when they left. I've decided to turn it into a sort of patio, which is working well. My only complaint is the somewhat dreary appearance of the cement.

I'm looking to paint it. I was in the local supply store the other day, and they have a few options, none of which seem perfectly suited to this application. The options include:

  • Masonry Paint, meant for outdoors and cement, but probably not being walked on
  • Floor Paint, where materials include cement, but indoor use only
  • Tile and Step Paint, which is for outdoors, includes brick + cement, but only comes in a single colour (dark red)

Does anyone have recommendations around what type of products would be best suited for this application, and how they should be applied?


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I would suggest using a colored sealer instead of paint. It is available in several color options. Sherwin Williams is just one of the brands I searched. The sealer will penetrate the concrete so minor surface damage will be less noticeable.

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    It'll probably be less slippery, too. Concrete paint tends to be very thick so as to be durable, and this results in a glossy slick finish.
    – isherwood
    Jun 25, 2018 at 12:16

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