Hey all i have a quick question here i have a garage door that doesnt seal right and lets water in everytime it rains. This has been going on for aslong as i can remember the door is a metal door with weather stripping on the sides and bottom and a cement slab infront of the door about 2.5 inches high. The land infront of the door isnt super slanted but has about a 20 degree slope going towards the door. Ive attached a pic just to clear things up a bit, Im wandering how i should go about fixing this issue so it no longer leaks. I confirmed by spraying it with a hose that it is infact letting water in from the bottom. Should i just use a mix of caulk and weatherstripping? we get pretty heavy rains here and it can flood sometimes so im just worried that weatherstripping adhesive wouldnt be able to hold up and wouldnt waterproof much, And the longterm damage from Wood rot. Thanks again appreciate any help here.Exterior Door for garage.

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