I found this modular (3-piece) 3-sided plastic tub/shower surround installed at a recent renovation. I can't find any identifying information on it, nor can I locate the contractor who installed it.

There are deep 1/8" gaps between the three pieces of the surround, as well as between the surround and the tub. Should I be filling these gaps with silicone caulk?

Here is the (horizontal) gap between the surround and the tub:

Gap between surround and tub

And here is one of the vertical gaps between two of the pieces of the surround:

Gap between two pieces of the surround


You probably don't need to, as the lap in the surround design will drain water effectively. However, those are traps for mildew and grime.

I'd clean them as deeply as you reasonably can with rubbing alcohol, then put in a bead of 100% white silicone. If you trim your tip carefully you can inject caulk to a depth of about 1/2" for good grab.

The tube tip will tool the caulk to some extent if you size and shape it correctly. Use caulk flow rate and movement speed to prevent squeeze-out of caulk around the tip. You should then be able to use a damp finger to apply a final cove surface without squeezing caulk out onto the shoulders of the panels. Use firm pressure and wipe your finger immediately if caulk starts to pile up under it. The result will be a nicely coved joint that's nearly identical to the factory inside corner joints.

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