I am in need to replace the drive coupling of a blender, Breville BBL605. The drive coupling looks some thing like this : enter image description here I watched a video on youtube for a similar looking blender :


From the video, it doesn't look exactly like the drive coupling on the Breville and also I have no idea how the guy figured it was a left handed thread. The presenter also doesn't show if the drive spins clockwise and anti-clockwise freely as the Breville's does. Since the Breville's drive coupling freely spins in both directions, I think this videos approach may not work.

How can I go about replacing the drive coupling of this blender ?

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If it is press fit then you need to just pull hard.

If it is screwed then you need to lock the shaft somehow and then turn the coupling in the same direction as it normally turns when it blends. Locking the shaft down may require some disassembly to get access to it.

If you have the replacement ready you can look where the shaft connects to see which it is.

  • How do I find out if its press fit or if its screwed ? – happybuddha Jun 19 '18 at 23:07

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