Looking at replacing my water heater with this one. It has screw-on inlet/outlets. I want to connect to the old copper inlets/outlets with pex and Sharkbite fittings. What kind of connectors do I need at the water tank for these that will connect to pex?


The manufacturer has the manual available online. It gives a lot of detail, and does mention using both copper and PEX.

Step 7:

1. Connect the water supply Determine the type of water pipes in your home. Most homes use copper water pipes, but some use CPVC or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). Use fittings appropriate for the type of pipe in your home. Do not use iron or PVC pipe – they are not suitable for potable water.

2. Connect the cold water supply using 3/4 inch National Pipe Thread “NPT” to the cold water inlet nipple. For ease of removing the water heater for service or replacement, connect the water pipes with a coupling called a union. We recommend using a dielectric-type union (available at your local plumbing supplier ). Dielectric unions can help prevent corrosion caused by any electric currents common in copper water pipes and can help extend the life of the water heater.

3. Connect the hot water supply using 3/4 inch NPT to the hot water outlet. Follow the same connection guidelines as for the cold water supply.

Reliance Support Web Page

Reliance Water Heater Installation Guide

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