A lot of outdoor concrete slabs / patios have a slope for drainage. If you put a hot tub in such a location obviously it would also be out of level.

Is there any standard or recommended way to level the slab base prior to installing the hot tub?

I have scanned around and there are numerous internet suggestions - but ideally I'd like to know if there is either a standard "best practice" method and/or something recommended by hot tub manufacturers.

Examples of suggestions I've read each of which has some obvious potential but maybe avoidable problems:

  • Shim with angled bits of wood (susceptible to rot, movement)

  • Sand (could move/erode)

  • Build up additional concrete (poor bonding, spalling, etc.)


  • How unlevel is it? Typical portable hot tubs are about 7’x 7’, how much slope do you have in that area? – Tyson Jun 16 '18 at 11:52
  • It is about 1/8" per foot which I think is typical. Or about a 1% slope... – UuDdLrLrSs Jun 16 '18 at 17:55

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