Trying to wire up this new-fangled Nest Thermostat E (the cheapy edition) to my home HVAC system, but unsure of what to do. At the thermostat, I have G, W, Y, R, AND Rc wires, but the R and Rc wires are also jumper-ed together. When I tried to put that combination into their online compatibility checker, it assumed I meant that R and Rc were ONLY jumper-ed together (not that there was also a separate wire in the Rc terminal).

I took a look down at the furnace to see what those wires translate to, and inside the unit control panel, I have terminals connected at R, C, and G, with thick wires leading off of G and C. I'll attach pictures as well.

Anyone know how to go about wiring this thing? Should I just ignore the Rc wire and let the internal jumper of the Nest handle it? I can't even fathom what the diagram for my house looks like. Any help would be super appreciated.

Thermostat wiring

Furnace control panel wiring

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