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I haven't seen something like this before and was wondering if anyone had any idea how I would switch something like this to a single pole light switch.

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    Do you want separate control of the fan and light at this location? – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jun 15 '18 at 4:59
  • Can you post a photo looking into the back of the box? – ThreePhaseEel Jun 15 '18 at 7:48
  • Is this dimmer on a 3-way switch? – The Evil Greebo Jun 15 '18 at 12:21

The dimmer wire (Blue) and fan wire (Black) hook to one terminal on your single-pole switch. The hot wire (Black with white Stripe) hooks to the other terminal on your single-pole switch.

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  • The hot has a white stripe according to the label on the back of the switch, this wire to 1 side of the switch the other 2 wires on the other side of the switch, just commenting for clarity but agree with answer (just don't think it is a fat wire but it may be)+ – Ed Beal Jun 15 '18 at 17:17

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