I have SMA - Sunny Island inverter, the one that is use in Off-Grid Solar PV System.

I am getting error because there is no Battery Temperature Sensor connected.

I have a plan on buying the dedicated Temperature Sensor for this inverter but for the mean time I want to create a substitute for this sensor because I am chasing the deadline.

This is the picture of their Battery Temperature Sensor

enter image description here

and this is where it must be connected

enter image description here

I don't know what's the circuit inside their Bat Temp Sensor but looking at the inverter where it is going to plug, it says that it has 4-pins, 2-pins for battery temperature and the remaining 2-pins is for battery current.

Do you have an idea on what their battery sensor diagram looks like?

  • The 2 wire temp sensor is probably a thecouple but the type? who knows. type J and K are very popular as far as the current sensor there are many types most of the equipment I support I use use CT's, current transformers they develop a voltage based on the current flowing these are even harder to guess at because the ratio is needed to develop the correct voltage for the protection. – Ed Beal Jun 13 '18 at 21:47

I cannot recommend that.

The battery temperature sensor is an absolutely necessary piece of safety. Substituting it for a dummy is not an option.

Substituting it for an equivalent sensor is an option, but not based on the amount of information you have.

So, lest you want your deadline to actually have something to do with the death of someone (or at least a battery pack and inverter), tell your boss or client that you'll need time for components to arrive. Engineering is about knowing where to put priorities.

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