I'm contemplating putting a skylight in a bathroom that would otherwise get little natural light. I've received some mixed advice with one person telling me the shower condensation will cause a long term problem while another says it will be fine.

Is that a good reason to avoid a bathroom skylight?

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    i have a skylight in my bathroom ... no problems ... house built 1997
    – jsotola
    Jun 10, 2018 at 19:23
  • modern skylights are all multi-layer high efficiency glass with good insulation, there shouldn't be a large thermal differential between the inside plate and the room temp. If your bathroom is vented, i can't see anything other than a long steam bath during a blizzard causing any condensation.
    – dandavis
    Jun 11, 2018 at 20:06

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I just bought a house and one of the bathrooms has a skylight. I have not noticed any issues taking a bath. As dandavis mentioned, I see condensation because one of my kids thinks the shower is a sauna. Pretty normal otherwise. And I have to say that during the day, even when overcast, it looks pretty bright in that bathroom. A cool feature.


I not only have skylights in my bathroom, I have one in the shower. Granted, it's a large shower (4x6 feet) and the skylight sits over a thrust out, sort of like a shelf, so the skylight itself is about 5 feet away horizontally and 5 feet higher than the shower fixtures. It was installed in 1996 and I've had no problem. I do suggest that if it is wood trim that you use a marine based varnish or stain. The wood does get a little faded and worn after about 6-7 years, probably from a combination of condensation and UV, so I sand it down and restain it. I am careful about running the exhaust fan.

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