Unlike sink in a washing bin, I don't have access to the U shape part of the pipe and it's not visible. What is the recommended way to get the ring? The ring is quite heavy and not magnetic; I'm have doubts that wet vacuum can do it.

The sink.


“Curse us and crush us, my precious is lost!”

Perhaps a -

Endoscope - Inspection Camera - Endoscope camera- Snake Camera

for your phone and a wire bent into a hook ?

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  • If it's in the trap, you're in luck. But carefully go looking for it (the endoscope is a good tool, and they're relatively inexpensive), rather than blindly pushing around a hook hoping to snag it; that's likely to dislodge it and then it will be gone. In fact, some of these endoscopes come with various attachments, like a hook, so you can see what you're doing to grab it. – fixer1234 May 13 '18 at 3:35

If it’s in the P-trap, you can suck it out with a wet-vac.

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Try watching in with a tooth mirror and a flashlight, if you can see it that way, use a hook shaped piece of iron yarn and hook it. Otherwise I think hiring a plumber is the best option (if the ring is valuable)

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