I have a concrete porch that has a skim coat of concrete and was painted with an all in one paint and primer that was for concrete.

The problem is, it was chipping and peeling everywhere due to extreme winter, so I bought a bag of concrete patch and applied that. It came out ok, but was spotty in areas. I was going to scrape any loose concrete off and buy this product (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Quikrete-10-lb-Vinyl-Concrete-Patcher-113311/100318504) to make final repairs. I may have mixed the bag I bought improperly, as I am no handyman, so I figured this would be best. I scraped (and brushed with a wire brush) any paint that was peeling as best as I could.

So my few questions are:

  1. Will the Quikrete patcher do the trick in any of the small chipped areas left?
  2. How should I "sand" down the concrete patch so it is even?
  3. Once level, I plan to paint all scraped and patched areas with the all in one paint and primer. Once I let that dry, can you recommend any heavy duty sealer that I can roll over the whole porch to prevent any further cracking and peeling?

Some pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/50mxhKZ. Note it looks dark grey in areas because this was after I washed the whole porch.

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