I am trying to replace a door handle that doesn't have any visible screws. I am assuming the first step is to remove this faceplate that probably conceals the screws underneath, however the plate does not budge. There is a tiny divot in the plate, large enough for a screwdriver, but no amount of twisting, pulling, or prying via the divot seems to remove the faceplate (rose?). Any tips on how to remove this without causing any damage? side view with divot handle

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Lever-style handles like this often have a face plate that you need to remove. Your first image shows the nub on the face place. I've circled it for you

enter image description here

Slide a flat screwdriver into that slot and twist it. The plate will come off and expose the screws.

  • try pushing first .... it may unlatch the cover ... twisting may damage the cover it it is a push type latch
    – jsotola
    May 5, 2018 at 6:57

It may be that you need to rotate the place to remove it. I would guess counter clockwise. But as Machavity states, it probably just pops off.

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