Hey I just bought an older co-op from the 50’s. I want to put a ceiling fan in but ran into trouble. I was trying to take down the existing box and it has a nipple in the middle with a flat head screw slot in the bottom. I bought the usual box and anchor mechanism to put in but I have no idea how to get this box out. Obviously I can't go in through the top due to the co-op situation. Please help. Maybe a YouTube video or something how to remove it. Thanks. enter image description here

  • I CANT go through the top due to the co-op situation.
    – Pete
    May 4 '18 at 8:24
  • The existing box may be the type which is rated for a hefty chandelier or a ceiling fan up to some specified weight. I think that large center screw clamps the box onto a metal crossbar which spans two joists. How heavy is this ceiling fan? May 4 '18 at 9:24
  • I believe @JimStewart is on to something. In other words, maybe revise the question to ask how to mount to it rather than ask how to remove it?
    – SDsolar
    May 5 '18 at 1:33

Jim Stewart's comment is pretty much right on.

That is not a nipple it is what is called a "hickey" by the National Electrical Code. It serves to attach the box to a hanger bar or other spanning device.

It looks like you may have a pretty stout box already and may not need the fan box.

I usually look for a ceiling hugger style fan and toggle bolt it directly to the drywall/plaster. This eliminates the need for fan box.

Good luck!

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