I am Looking for guidance on mounting a laser light in our daughter's office/room remodel to the ceiling, while providing a clean way to hide the power cable. Some of the laser light devices come with a detachable cable, others do not. Is it "up-to-code" to pass the power cable through the ceiling where it could connect with a 1-gang outlet box affixed to the attic rafter?

Here is an example I found that I might pass the power cable through...

Speedport 2" Through Grommet White

Then I would connect the power cable to an outlet like this:

Attic Outlet

If there is a better recommendation, please share!



Stick a box and receptacle in the ceiling and plug the thing in there

This is a job for an old work type box mounted in the ceiling, with a receptacle mounted in the old work box. That way, you'll be covered under NEC 400.7(A) point 2 which allows flexible cord to be used to wire luminaires, instead of violating NEC 400.8 point 2 which prohibits running flexible cordage through building surfaces.

If your device doesn't have a plug on it, get a field-fit type of NEMA 5-15 plug from the hardware store and put that on the end of the cord.

Powering the receptacle then can be done using a chapter 3 wiring method (such as NM) run through the attic to a box where constant power (always-hot and neutral) are present, such as the receptacle box pointed out in your photo.

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