I'm looking for a citation on when the requirements to use lead-free solder in residential plumbing took effect.

Why? On 06/09/2009 a local plumbing company re-plumbed the house I live in. Today we had lead testing done and found:

  • Pipes: trace amount of lead
  • Brass Fittings: 6.25%
  • Solder: .7%

The fitting at 6.25% was legal at the time. The pipes are fine. But that solder number seems quite high for 2009 in California.

A fine fact sheet is at http://www.dtsc.ca.gov/PollutionPrevention/upload/lead-in-plumbing-fact-sheet.pdf but it does not give the history.

  • The factsheet you linked to shows that it was released in Feb 2009.
    – UNECS
    Apr 21 '12 at 6:20

The main site before your link shows that is was in Jan 2009 (par 3) , with the regulations before 2010 being 0.2% for lead solder.

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