I'm currently on restoring a property in the UK. The house was originally a Care Home built in 1987, and was built using standard commercial techniques at the time.

The issue I'm having is, at the time they laid this non-slip, easy clean carpet down directly onto the concrete floor and have stuck it using black mastic (believe its bitumen). Everything I've read is people struggling to get the glue off the floor after removing the carpet. The problem I'm having is even getting the carpet to budge. Currently we are using a hammer and chisel to get the stuff up. You can see below what this is like.


Does anyone have a better suggestion for trying to get this up? Will using chemicals work with the carpet still down?


I have one property with carpet that was glued to the subfloor. It was pretty thin carpet so I just went over top of it with floating laminate flooring. Could also try floating it with pressure treated 2x4 sleepers laid flat and 3/4 plywood. Will also keep the floors from getting as cold.

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