I have a mid-century ranch house in the Seattle area (moisty, mossy). A previous owner decided to apply green "outdoor" carpet to the stairs and back step.

I give the carpet credit for lasting maybe 35 years, but it has deteriorated to the point where it is peeling off and a danger to anyone who uses the stairs.

I want to remove the carpet entirely, but it is glued down and is putting up a fight against mere pulling.

Question: Can anyone recommend a way to remove the carpet before someone gets hurt? A bio-friendly solvent to help get rid of the glue? Soaking the carpet in water? Some kind of scraping tool perhaps?


There really is no easy way, this will require mechanical removal. Try starting with a long-handled floor scraper:

enter image description here

Then you will likely need to remove residual adhesive with a razor scraper:

enter image description here

images stolen shamelessly from ubiquitous internet search engine

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