(Located in the USA) I've inherited a 220V (or 240V?) circuit which is just capped off inside a junction box. It's hooked up to a 30A breaker, and seems fine, except that it's only a 3-wire run--no ground. I'd like to make it usable for running some 220V computer equipment, but I need a ground to do so.

I'm about 10' from the breaker box, inside a washer/dryer closet, but the wire was pulled through the walls. Should I run conduit with a ground wire in it from the nearby breaker box and pull it into the junction box with the other three wires? Suggestions?

I just want to do this correctly, and safely the first time!

Well, now it appears I remembered incorrectly...there are only TWO wires! What were they thinking when they did this? More importantly, what should I do to safely fix this for me and anyone who might later open this up to work on it?

insane 2-wire 220v thing

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