I've got an old kitchen gas stove which is built-in the ceramics on my kitchen. It's shape used to be popular in the 90s (rounded corners), however it seems as though these days all stoves come in a rectangular shape. How can I find a gas stove in the same shape to replace my old one? Attached is a photo of my current gas stove.

enter image description here


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MAybe you can try with a marine one like one. Or maybe some vintage/antique seller like this one could have one, try asking.

However, I believe that if you want to modernize your kitchen, you'll need a new shape. All that you will find in this shape will likely be vintage.

Alternatively, what would happen if you just put a square/rectangle one on top of the hole?


enter image description here

New square fitting:

enter image description here

Added on top:

enter image description here

Finally add some (fake) marble to hide the space below the corners:

enter image description here

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