i recently purchased a steam cleaner ( sienna Luna plus) willing to use it in Algeria, but it is designed to be used in the US , the only way i found to transform 220 v 50 hz to 110 v ( i think continuous ) is by using an electrical transformer , can i use it normally ? if not , what should i use ? , i am hearing around that 50hz even with 120v will hurt and damage it , so i want to be more sure about it

  • What do you have to lose? If I had the transformer I would try it. Depending on the type of motor it might run at 50/60 = 83.33 % normal speed. – SDsolar Apr 3 '18 at 18:54
  • yes, you can... – dandavis Apr 3 '18 at 23:54

If the steam cleaner doesn't have motors on board you won't have issues going from 60Hz to 50Hz.
Anyway I think that will cost you less if you buy a new 220V cleaner and resell the one you have instead of buying a transformer (220V to 110V for that appliance)

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