Our well is about 70 - 80 feet deep and has a 19 year old 1/2 HP Gould submersible pump feeding our pressure tank. Under normal household usage (washing, showering, etc) we do not see any problems however on high demand such as watering the lawn, adding to the swim pool, the system will run well for a while then stop with no flow. If I then turn off the power to the pump, wait 5 minutes or so and turn the power back on, the system will run again but will shut down again if I do not lessen the demand. Several handymen have suggested ".....a pump problem" but it seems to me like the water in the well simply can not keep up with the high flow demand rate. My questions: 1. Does this really sound like a pump problem 2. Are there other things to look at or test to determine what is really causing this high demand problem.

  • Hello, and welcome to Stack Exchange. Is there any way you can measure the depth of the water in the well? I think you're suggesting that the pump is removing water faster than the well can produce it; I'd concur. – Daniel Griscom Apr 2 '18 at 19:42
  • you could be drying up, or the pump could be failing. if there were self-heating or coil issues on the pump, high demand periods would be affected first. have it looked at. – dandavis Apr 2 '18 at 20:34

wells can have a limited capacity or can have an unlimited capacity. In my prior home we had to control the use of water or the well would run out of water supply and we would experience just what you wrote about. After several years of limited water flow we decided to have a new well drilled. That well could supply an endless supply of water. The new well never ran out of water even if we used the well to water our lawn. Drilling a new well will not guarantee a better water supply unless you drill where there is a better supplied water table. This is our story; hope this helps.

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